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As we continue to grow, we are looking for an ambitious professional or an experienced smart generalist who will join our Student Success team. The purpose of the team is to offer unmatched experience to our students and instructors. The Student Success Specialist will be in charge of managing the Academy for UX:UI Design. We look for a proactive, people-oriented person and a problem solver who will help our students, instructors and our organization to offer and experience the best learning journey in the industry.

Student Success team is of utmost importance for Brainster as you and your colleagues are the face of the organization from our students’ perspective. Students are almost exclusively in contact with the relevant Student Success Specialist and when it comes to them, you’re Brainster, i.e. they regard you as their primary contact with Brainster. As students satisfaction is one of our most important metrics and goals, it’s needless to say how important this role and team are for us.

Therefore, the person we’re looking for would be ideally:

  • Smart generalist who possesses very strong business acumen in order to understand all the parts of our business and industry;
  • People-oriented with high level of emotional intelligence;
  • Very proactive as he/she will be responsible for managing the Academy, facilitating initiatives for continuous improvement and seeing them through;
  • Be able to see the big picture rather than just focus on simple items in isolation

About The Job

The role of the Student Success Specialist is to ensure that students and instructors not only have the tools and resources necessary to be successful at Brainster, but to provide guidance, support, and community throughout the learning journey of each student. Since the day of his/her application, throughout his/her enrollment process, during the preparational program and pre-academy orientation, throughout the academy and up to his/her career preparations at the end, the Student Success Specialist will be the main go-to person for all needs and challenges of each student.

The Student Success Specialist is an expert in student operations and delivery, working cross-functionally with different teams to represent the voice of the student and the instructor. This role is a balance of executing student success strategy, reviewing and analyzing student feedback, monitoring performance, and enacting support measures where appropriate (in partnership with Student Success Manager, Product Owners, and Instructors), and serving as the main point of contact for students outside the classroom.

What You’ll Do:

  • Conduct info meetings with all applicants for the Academy of UX:UI Design, overview and optimize the marketing funnel through which the applicants pass until they become our students
  • Create materials to onboard all incoming students to in-class tools and resources (enrolment agreements, welcome emails, onboarding on our educational platform, invite/channel setup, etc.).
  • Track student pre-work data ensuring students meet 100% completion standards prior to the start of class.
  • Monitor communication ensuring all students’ inquiries are responded to.
  • Oversee and facilitate the student success and alumni strategy.
  • Develop and execute the local strategy for student-facing events and ongoing community outreach.
  • Represent the voice of the student and instructor owning cross-functional communication and collaboration across teams.
  • Track student progress against graduation requirements, monitoring and coordinating interventions to address red flags.
  • Track the performance of the instructors and work with the more senior colleagues to address any shortcomings, issues as well as bad student feedback.
  • Review both qualitative and quantitative student data to identify trends in the learner experience.
  • Mediate and manage student withdrawal requests, tracking/reporting, and retention strategy.
  • Execute student off-boarding communications.
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive community for all students and alumni.
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of all Brainster Education Product lines in order to best serve the student, instructor, and local community.
  • Additional tasks as required to support the Student Success Team, the Marketing Team and the Admission Team.

Who You Are:

  • 2-3+ years prior work experience, preferably in a customer success role OR in formal education as a teacher/psychologist
  • Demonstrated expertise in people management and/or coaching.
  • Highly organized, can coordinate multiple projects at once.
  • Strong ability to prioritize, problem-solve, and execute in a timely fashion.
  • Able to anticipate customer needs and act accordingly.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and last-minute changes, remains calm under pressure.
  • Open to feedback and collaboration, and committed to transparency.
  • Tech and system savvy; familiar with Google Suite.
  • Great written and verbal communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
  • Can navigate the ever-changing, fast-paced environment and demonstrable ability to come up with solutions.
  • Learn new processes quickly and accurately.
  • Maintaining a positive and professional demeanor.

What We Offer:

  1. Job security and stability – we are a fast-growing company that sees its revenue, profit, and number of employees grow each year. After the initial period of several months on a rolling contract to see if we’re good fit for each other, we offer an indefinite employment contract to our employees.
  2. Competitive salary – The salary will be based on the experience and expertise of the candidate. Whatever the salary, it is our aim to grow it together with the growth of the organization. We pay the salary before the 1st of the month.
  3. Flexibility and autonomy – our people can work from anywhere for as long as they want, have flexible working hours and can take unlimited vacation days per year.
  4. Private medical insurance – we care about your well being.
  5. Free subscription to educational and business magazines/websites such as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Wired, Forbes, Bloomberg etc.
  6. Free books that shall be ordered via Amazon, Book Depository etc.
  7. Free group English lessons should you wish to improve your English level.
  8. Badass colleagues that are learning animals – growth mindset is part of Brainster’s DNA, we are very dedicated to lifelong learning otherwise we wouldn’t be in this business.
  9. Managers and leaders are primarily coaches and advocates, not bosses in the traditional sense so we expect someone who will fit into this mindset and will act predominantly as a coach to his/her employees.
  10. Learning opportunities – our products are meant for the people that are on a lifelong learning journey, hence we offer the same to our employees.
  11. Internal career advancement opportunities – our priority when opening new positions is to look inside, i.e. to see if a colleague could be promoted to the new position. With our growth, every year we introduce positions that did not previously exist in the company and open new opportunities for our employees.

Even if you don’t check all of the above-mentioned boxes, but you’re certain that you are good fit for this position, drop us a line why you think you’re a perfect match for us, we’d be more than glad to connect. If you want to know more about us, click here.

Please submit your CV at with the subject line: Application for a Student Success Specialist (Academy for UX:UI Design). Please submit your application until 01.03.2022.

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