Human Resources Specialist-Law firm Drakulovska-Stojanovska Skopje

од Marija Mladenovska

We take pride in being a client-oriented service provider. Our clients’ best interests determine our every move. With our dedication to reliable, individualized advice we develop customized interdisciplinary and comprehensive solutions.
Drakulovska&Stojanovska has access to a complete range of integrated and comprehensive consulting expertise at its fingertips. Our team is therefore able to offer rock-solid and well-balanced success-oriented solutions to national and international companies, institutional investors and private clients. We carefully consider all business aspects on the basis of our outstanding specialized knowledge and extensive experience.

Human Resources Specialist-Law firm Drakulovska-Stojanovska Skopje

– Creating, implementing, and evaluating all human resource department policies, procedures, and structures.

– Managing health and life insurance programs.
Designing and implementing effective training and development plans.

– Performing quarterly and annual employee performance reviews.

– Ensuring all employee records are maintained and updated with new hire information or changes in employment status.

– Identifying the company’s hiring needs and managing the recruitment process to ensure it runs smoothly.

– Tracking department budgets.
Responding to employees’ queries and resolving issues in a timely and professional manner.

HR Specialist Requirements:

– Bachelor’s degree in law, human resources, or a relevant field.
– A minimum of 1 year of proven experience in a similar role.
– Strong knowledge of labor legislation and payroll processes.
– Good understanding of the full recruitment and employment process.
– Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
– Solid problem-solving and team management abilities.

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